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Cooling tower Nozzles from MB Group:-

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Cooling tower Nozzles from MB Group:-

We are the largest importing and supply of all types of local and imported cooling nozzles in Egypt

Cooling towers with low prices and the highest quality:-

MB Group has designed, tested, and importing a locally-produced cooling tower nozzles to suit various application over the years.

The company produces all the best types of cooling tower water spray, and all required of the cooling towers products such as the condenser, and provide all types of modeled of towers nozzles with high quality to ensure the highest level of efficiency of the building and on the capacity of the tower and Satisfy our customers needs

Here you will find details of Cooling Tower nozzle:

Spray nozzles are key elements of evaporative cooling towers but are often neglected. Many different nozzle types have been developed and are used in flower and cooling towers worldwide.

The nozzle of the water sprinkler is an injection-molded polypropylene unit that is resistant to fire and hot weather.

Manufacturer of Hollow Cone Nozzles splash fill

The machine gun consists of two parts - the main body with an integral target diffuser and an instrument insert or cover.

Cooling Tower Nozzles are intended for use in open head, water spray deluge fire protection systems for crossflow cooling towers.

The hatch cover is available to used in 13 tickets from .362 through 1,099.

This flexibility allows distribution of water cross flow and its water levels.

MB Group machine guns have a helical target nozzle available in three lengths and tubes for heavy load.

Technical Data of MB Group Chiller Water Sprinklers for Cooling Towers:

It performance with high efficiency so that it does non hinder the structure of regulating the distributed of water, design, and is safe for the atmosphere.

The Nozzles or Nozzles 4.875 are for use on industrial wood and larger concrete, tower, storage and applications.

The 6.875 nozzle system is used in the towers where water is released with sprinklers, to remove obstructions within the tower structure.

Cooling tower spray pattern nozzle 180°

During the maximum operating temperature from 120°C to 300°C.

A system that provides a homogeneous mixture of liquids without the use of air agitation, which prevents oxidation, and is easy to clean, in a convenient sizes, Drift Eliminators and Uniform distribution of water

Designed to the highest specifications to decompose aerated solutions, improve turbulence effects and optimize solution mixtures, with high-load cables resistant to other sources of damage, and quality ventilated capacitors.

Counter flow cooling towers can require a higher head pump transfer to the spray nozzles

Well a combination of solutions and raising the quality improves the product.

Description: This type has Evapco 2A, 2AA and 2B spray nozzle, suitable for special grouting for cooling tower, with high efficiency.

Plugged Action: 1” MPT (BSP/NPT)

Dimensions: 35 mm (width) x 67 mm (length) fender.

Comments: It is usually placed in the air with nozzles out of two holes facing each other creating a spray pattern for water cooling.

Description: 180 degree push in nozzles with/without rubber nozzle, without sound

Plug clogging using: 1” push-in 33mm grommet nozzle in pressure

Dimensions: 28 mm (width) x 44 mm (length) compartment.

Comments: It is usually placed in the newsgroup with holes, two holes facing each other to spray water to expel its increase heat

MB Group provides a range of all special spare parts and every part of cooling towers ((cooling tower filler - cooling towers mist arrester - cooling towers water sprinklers - cooling towers air guides - cooling tower drift eliminators - cooling tower fans - cooling tower motors - cooling tower nozzles - Cooling Tower Louvers ))

The company is considered the leading company in this field without a competitor.

We always recommend choosing an easy way of communication for you, and making a tour to make sure of the appropriate type of cooling sprinklers, so that it becomes appropriate.

Fan, sprinklers, anti-spray, or any part of the products for advanced cooling tower without an inter media, provided with a full explanation and information on how to use.

The company also provides a maintenance service specially made according to the commercial or industries activity, with different systems, and the system works to reduce

The different cost and according to the customer’s need, and includes other maintenance services by specialists at the advanced level, explaining the products and the process of using and maintain them, whether as an engineer or business owner, and the best state of China’s advanced technology in the Heat technologies, provide desired thermal performance and the best devices With highly efficient engineers

cooling tower parts online with Standard large Pipe Thread Connection Orifice sizes.

For more information, please contact us via:

· Phone : 01003280801 - 01143851685

· E-mail :

· FAX : 24 17 22 26 – 202

· Address : 84 جوزيف تيتو برج الفيروز - النزهة الجديدة - القاهرة - مصر

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