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Cooling Towers - MB Group:-

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Cooling towers from MB Group is an Egyptian company working in import of open and closed cooling towers (containing water-flowing pipes) around the world for industry purposing and central air-conditioning works.

We're the leading import of cooling tower products.

Years, and dozens of previous work with major companies in multiple fields.

What is a cooling tower?

It's is a heat exchanger used for process water cooling and is required for industrial and air conditioning and refrigeration purposes/ heating exchangers.

Warm water is circulated by condenser pumps through the cooling tower.

also related to as heat transfer pack or fill pack provide a large a specific space or surface area for evaporative cooling to take place.

The principle of cooling is based on evaporation.

Rejection heat from condenser water and industrial processes and effect utilizes of any process that make waste heat.

A cooling tower is designed to remove heat from a building

They are devices that controlled and reject waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature.

Generator technology:

How cooling towers usually operate to maximize the water surface area and this water comes into contact with the air and the top layer of the water surface disappears, leaving behind the inner surfaces of the cold water.

A cooling tower is a heat exhaust device that rejects waste heat to the atmosphere by cooling a stream.

Cooling towers may either use water evaporation to remove process heat and cool the working fluid close to wet-bulb air temperature or, in the case of closed-circuit coo towers or dry cooling towers, rely solely on air to cool the working fluid close to dry air temperature using radiators.

Crossflow indicates that the airflow is horizontal in the filled portion of the tower while counter flow means the airflow is in the opposite direction of the falling water.

What is the purpose of using cooling towers?

Find out how a cooling tower is used for HVAC purposes to remove ("dispose") unwanted heat from a cooling machine or lower coolant temperatures.

Water-cooled chillers are generally more energy-efficient than air-cooled chillers because heat is released to a water tower at or near the wet balance temperature.

Air-cooled refrigeration machines must be discharged at a dry balance temperature that is higher than the wet-balance temperature, and thus have a lower average value of the reverse Carnot cycle yield.

And important in areas with hot climates, large office buildings, hospitals, factory, and schools typically use one or more cooling towers as part of the air conditioning system.

In general, industries and importing cooling towers are much larger than HVAC cooling towers.

Industrial cooling towers:

An industrial cooling tower can be used to exchange heat from a variety of sources such as machinery or heat-treated materials.

A cooling tower is a specialized heat exchanger in which moist air and water are brought into direct contact with each other in order to reduce the waters

The main use of large industrial cooling towers is to remove absorbed heat in managed cooling water systems used in power stations or chemical plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing plants, semiconductor plants, and other industrial facilities as in distillation column condensers, and in liquid cooling processes in the manufacture of the glass

The cooling water circulation rate in a conventional 700 MW coal-fired power plant with a cooling tower is approximately 71,600 m3/h (315.00 US gallons per minute) and the circulating water requires a feedwater compensation rate of up to 5%

(that is, 3,600 cubic meters per hour, equivalent to one cubic meter per second).

A cooling tower is heat removal equipment that removes process waste heat to the atmosphere

Standard tower noise production solution is low due to configuration with axial ventilator.

Several of Cooling tower Types:

Cooling towers based on operation

The various basic types are:

1. Mechanical draft cooling tower.

A volume of air intake in this cooling tower is generated by the fan.

There are two types of mechanical cooling tower products.

A. induced clouds

In this tower, the air intake through the cooling tower is stimulated, and the fan comes on top of the cooling tower, which sucks the air through the cooling towers. Again there are two types of induced draft of this towers.

B. Reverse flow cooling tower.

This tower is a box-type product in which the water flows down and the air flows up causing a countercurrent between air and water.

The performance of these types of cooling towers is compact compared to the cross-flow cool towers.

Cross-flow cooling towers.

This tower comes in a tilted shape in which the water flows down and the air flows at an angle of 90 degrees to causing a cross-stream between the air and the water.

Water maintenance and treatment

Based on the type of materials used in the construction of the cool towers, these towers are divided into Steel, RCC, Timber, FRP, Pultruded FRP, etc.

C. Forced withdrawal

In this tower, the air intake is created by forcing heated air into the towers by means of a fan. The fan is installed on the lower side part of the cooling tower.

2. Natural cooling towers:

In the design of cooling towers, air draft is created naturally and no fan is needed to create an airflow.

Air intake is created due to the shape of the venture tower and the differences in the density of air at the inlet and air at the outlet.

These towers are economical for large cool water needs, eg over 40,000m3/hr.

We have all new components and accessories

For such large requirements, these towers are advantageous as they require less space, lower maintenance, and zero operating cost for propeller capacity compared to an induced draft.

But the cost of money for this tower is more compared to the induced tower.

MB Group provides a range of all special spare parts and every part of cooling towers ((cooling tower filler - cooling towers mist arrester - cooling towers water sprinklers - cooling towers air guides - cooling tower drift eliminators - cooling tower fans - cooling tower motors - cooling tower nozzles - Cooling Tower Louvers ))

We continue to work on project to build the best cooling towers and Upgrades.

You can easily request our services today, As you known.

Hybrid Adiabatic Systems.

Our owners providing a huge Service Team, Team of Highly Skilled, Quality of Product, Innovative and effective solutions, efficiency and effectiveness, extra strength & great offer

If you control non-domestic premises you must ensure that you notify the Health and Safety Team of any cooling tower or evaporative condenser

You must tell us if your commercial site uses a cooling tower.

For more information, please contact us via:

· Phone : 01003280801 - 01143851685

· E-mail :

· FAX : 24 17 22 26 – 202

· Address : 84 جوزيف تيتو برج الفيروز - النزهة الجديدة - القاهرة - مصر

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